Sinisana Intersect

Our core blockchain traceability platform

Blockchain traceability as a service

Sinisana Intersect is an enterprise-grade B2B SaaS platform built on blockchain technology to help organizations manage supply chain risks on a continuous basis.

The solution traces products as they are produced and any associated logistics, providing a single source of truth stored on the blockchain. Test and inspection reports can be uploaded directly by the testing/inspection agency and made available throughout the supply chain.

Sinisana Intersect’s consumer-facing traceability tool is customized to the needs of specific brands, allowing the right data points to be plugged in to maximize the impact of every good practice that exists within your supply chain. 


Each enterprise client is assigned their own blockchain node which is part of the larger private, permissioned network. Access to data is governed by our security schema that allows only the right people, to view the right level of data.

Smart Contracts

We provide smart contracts to allow data to automatically manage themselves and to provide safeguards against misleading data. These smart contracts are customised for the various industries we support.


While data stored on the blockchain is immutable, the reality of real-world enterprise systems is that mistakes are made. We do not punish users for their mistakes but make it easy so that updates to data are traceable and auditable.


Use our digital tools on both web and mobile to access the business functionalities or connect directly with your existing enterprise systems via API calls.

Supported Industries

Food Manufacturing

Halal Production




Labor-Intensive Manufacturing

UNDP Access & Benefits Sharing

More coming soon...


Business Model

Due to the complexities of different needs by different organizations, Sinisana Intersect is priced based on the features and the number of traceability data and tags that are generated by the system.


Talk to us to let us understand your requirements better and craft the right plan for you.

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