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Energize your brand with data-driven product storytelling

Is your product consistently produced in line with your sustainability claims? Are the workers in your supply chain paid fairly and on time? Has the meat you are supplying been mixed with other meats of unknown origins? Can you keep the shelves stocked full with your products?

What other burning questions do you have about your supply chain?

Sinisana helps you obtain the answers to these questions and build your customer’s trust in your brand and products. Our solutions are market-tested with real-world use cases of how blockchain technology can change the way consumers buy and interact with businesses. 


9 in 10 consumers globally rate ingredient traceability as important or very important. It has become a key non-price purchase trigger that every brand must embrace. Learn more from our case studies showcasing how we are helping organizations meet this growing demand.

Halal Beef

We enable individual retail pack halal traceability that navigates around the complicated scenarios in the meat supply chain. Our solution provides a collaborative data platform for multiple parties to work together based on trust and transparency to allay consumer fears about the halal-ness of the beef they purchase.

Sustainable Aquaculture

We worked with the Neocrab team to implement a set of digital tools across their entire operations from hatchery to nursery to grow-out ponds and finally processing. Our traceability technology allows them to prove their sustainability claims with data stored on blockchain’s immutable data ledgers.

Biodiversity & Benefits Sharing

Working with Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, we   use blockchain technology to track payments to indigenous communities for their traditional knowledge and raw ingredients harvested as part of biodiversity preservation efforts.


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Energise your brand with data-driven product storytelling
Get answers to the burning questions you have about your supply chain. Let's engage and find a solution that works for you.
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