About Us

Sinisana Technologies began operations in 2019 to help brands out-compete their competitors by giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the story of the products they are purchasing. By combining multiple data streams throughout the supply chain, brands can back up their claims with real-world data to strengthen their brand equity and build long-term consumer loyalty.


Gary D'Agostino

Co-Founder & CEO


Jonah Lau

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Advisors


James Kairos

Co-Founder & Ex-COO of JYVE. Board member of Wyandot Snacks. Deeply experienced in building tech partnerships and growing revenue.


Daphne Lim

Award winning content producer with a passion for experiential digital marketing and developing cross-cultural teams.


Danny Leong

Multi-award winning corporate leader and entrepreneur with deep experience in scaling regional businesses. Former Group CEO of public-listed GHL and Cuscapi. Founder of MoonStone Advisers & Ventures. Independent Non-Executive Director of Privasia Group.


Richard Upperton

Member of Board of Trustees of Rediscovering Wellbeing NZ Charitable Trust. Passionate about improving businesses whilst taking care of the environment.

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