Case Study: Sustainable Aquaculture

How Neocrab embraced blockchain technology for its digital transformation journey

The Problem

Neocrab is a Sarawak-based producer of mud crab and is the largest end-to-end producer of frozen soft shell crabs in Malaysia. They wanted to improve operational efficiency through digitization of their operations, many of which are located in remote areas far from their head office. They are also launching a line of Neocrab-branded seafood and would like to be able to differentiate their products from other competing offering by providing better traceability and engagement with their consumers.

Our Solution

Neocrab implemented our Aquaculture solution that provided them with tools to manage all their facilities including hatchery, nursery, farms, and processing center. The comprehensive set of tools includes features such as broodstock management, feed management, water monitoring, and food safety management.


Through our traceability solution, Neocrab has reduced the time required to gather all the data for a product recall down to seconds compared to hours previously. They can now also prove their claim that their crabs are farmed sustainably, and their farming practices contribute to a vibrant wild ecosystem that supports the livelihood of local fishermen too.


Each Neocrab-branded seafood item is tagged individually and allows them to engage with their end-consumers directly through the consumer traceability site that we provide as part of Sinisana Intersect.

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