Case Study: Halal Beef

How PPES Ternak utilises blockchain technology to digitally transform their beef supply chain

Problem Statement

Sara-Bif is a beef brand owned by PPES Ternak Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation. As a vertically-integrated beef producer, they have its own farms, abattoirs, and retail outlets. In recent years, they have embarked on an aggressive growth path, investing in large-scale farms in Australia and modern halal abattoir facilities in Sarawak.


One of Sara-Bif’s key brand values is centered on its halal status. Sara-Bif would like consumers in both their domestic and export markets to have full confidence that Sara-Bif meats come from high-quality, Australian-grown cattle, and are processed in full compliance with halal requirements.

Our Solution

Utilising Sinisana Intersect, we delivered a set of web and mobile applications to allow the various parties in Sara-Bif’s supply chain to contribute various data points critical to Sara-Bif’s brand goals.


These tools included features and capabilities for their farm, abattoir, and retail outlets including those not owned by them. Our solution includes tagging each cattle and each cut of beef individually to maintain data integrity across the supply chain.


One of the smart contracts for our halal beef traceability includes the ability to track yields and ensure that the individually-tagged beef cuts cannot exceed the original yield from the parent cut.

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